Without a doubt about 8 chat that is robust to WhatsApp

Without a doubt about 8 chat that is robust to WhatsApp

Texting has become bit more compared to a fast option to fire an easy message down to some body you have just an informal acquaintance with, or those few holdouts nevertheless making use of stupid phones. Most people are most most likely associated with you through a chatting software, nearly all of which now provide features like giving snippets that are audio files, top-notch emoticons, and much more. WhatsApp has become a champ that is long-reigning it comes down to chatting apps, and there is a great chance either you put it to use or have tried it within the past…and, like numerous, you do not be therefore keen on the application.

Luckily, you will find lots of choices available to you, and many of those are robust and alternatives that are solid WhatsApp. We have detailed eight of those below, most of which offer the major mobile systems and can include the features you enjoyed – plus some – while using the WhatsApp.

1. Threema

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Threema is a chatting software if you are worried about privacy, providing users end-to-end encryption and getting rid of the normal demands to validate your telephone number and supply a title. Nevertheless, Threema provides the features users enjoyed on WhatsApp, including voice texting and content sharing.

Packages readily available for Android os, iOS, Windows mobile, and Amazon.

2. Viber

Viber does not need users to join up, and provides a complete suite of features to users — there’s voice that is free between a couple of Viber users, for instance, along with typical staples like texting and picture texting.

Packages readily available for iOS, Android os, Windows mobile, BlackBerry, Nokia, and Windows 8.

3. Kik

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Kik were able to find benefit with all the more youthful generation, and you’ve likely at least heard about it if you’ve a teenager in the house. Though a staple amongst senior high school users, the chatting app is a great choice for anybody seeking to speak to people they know and family members. It includes sharing that men in uniform dating is content talk connections, team chats, in-app content browsing and sharing, and much more.

Downloads readily available for iOS, Android os, and Windows mobile.


You have most likely heard about LINE by this time, considering just exactly how popular it really is – and that appeal means there’s good possibility at minimum a number of your pals are utilizing it. LINE provides video clip and sound phone telephone phone calls, texting and content sharing, and an enormous assortment of expressive “stamps” plus some associated offerings like Camera and games.

Packages readily available for Android os, iOS, Windows mobile, Nokia, BlackBerry, and Firefox OS.

5. Skype

Skype is a different one of these options that are popular you have likely utilized at one point or simply are utilizing now. It to be too sluggish or bloated for your system, now’s the time to give it another shot if you used the service in the past and found. Skype permits 100% free vocals and movie calls between users, along with real-time chatting and a choice for calling landline figures, also it plays well with many products.

Packages designed for Android os, iOS, Windows mobile, BlackBerry, Amazon, and Nokia X.

6. Hangouts

Bing Talk has arrived a long distance, and also the current iteration – Hangouts – has matured well through the years. Users can talk in real time in-browser or on mobile phones, share files, movie talk, and much more. Logs can be easily obtainable in a person’s Gmail account, and it is a good selection for those currently well incorporated into Bing’s other solutions.

Packages designed for Android os and iOS.

7. WeChat

WeChat does not have actually the level that is same of appeal that Viber and Kik have actually, but that does not suggest it really is with a lack of features. There is group chatting, stickers, movie chats, free phone calls between users, and broadcast communications. Updates are pressed out frequently, therefore the design wil attract.

Packages designed for Android os, BlackBerry, iOS, Windows mobile, and Nokia.

8. Facebook Messenger

Maybe you quit on Facebook not long ago, leaving a profile who has sat unattended but otherwise whole. If you are trying to find a robust talk replacement for WhatsApp, downloading and firing up Twitter Messenger may be a great choice, the reason that is biggest being as a result of what other individuals currently make use of it. You are most likely FB buddies with a lot of people in your connections, so communicating with them is likely to be as quickly as dusting off that old profile and downloading Messenger.

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